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LSTA 2013 Most Improved Players

Most Improved Junior Players Most Improved Adult Player

Kai Batley (top), Jessica Nelson (middle) and Anastasya Varner (bottom)

Kai Batley: Kai is a student at Kromrey middle school and always eager to get on the court, even if it means hitting against the wall while there is a lull in the action. Over the past year he has really improved his consistency, and his slice and volleys are coming along. His speed and rally skills are assets for him and will serve him well in the coming years.

Jessica Nelson: Jessica plays for Baraboo high school and her game has grown tremendously over the past year. Her overall consistency, ball control and movement have all improved. One of her best shots is the lob, which is an unheralded asset of any good player. With her steady progress she will be ready to move up another level in 2014.

Anastasya Varner: Anastasya is a member of the Waunakee tennis team and her game grew a great deal this year. Her powerful forehand is a big strength of hers and she has learned to add topspin to her shots for more control. Her volley and slice technique have improved a lot since last spring and that should serve her well in her upcoming senior season.

Joe Jian Zhou: Joe works in immigration law. He is a great athlete and highly skilled soccer player. He has become a serious student of tennis just within the past year and has come a long way in that time. His speed and forehand are big weapons. His backhand used to be a liability; it has now improved a good 30% from year.

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