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Stroke of the Week

Stroke of the Week

2024 Season

Saturdays 1:00-2:30

All participants must be at a USTA 3.5 level or higher or have instructor consent to attend. 

If you would like to be added to the Stroke of the week email list you can click on the SOTW emails link below or hit contact us at the bottom of the page. 

Lesson fee is $30 per session, cash or check only, due upon arrival.

Summer Stroke of the Week drills held at the Parklawn (Middleton high school) Tennis Courts in Middleton, Saturdays at 1:00 (* Indicates location at Lakeview Courts on Mendota Ave in Middleton)

(Fall & Spring SOTW classes are sometimes moved to Lakeview Courts off of Allen Blvd. in Middleton to accommodate High School tennis events, as announced in the weekly SOTW emails ...)

April 6 Passing Shots

April 13 * Slice Approach

April 20 * Block Volley

April 27 * Serve Fundamentals

May 4  * Topspin Forehand

May 11  * Drive Approach

May 18 *  Block Return of Serve   

May 25  Slice Forehand    

June 1  Slice Backhand       

June 8 Defensive Lob     

June 15   Drop Shot                                                    

June 22  Offensive Lob 

June 29  Serve Fundamentals

July 6  Angle Backhands

July 13  Angle Forehands

July 20 Passing Shots

July 27 Inside-Out Forehand

August 3 No Stroke of the Week Clinic today

August 10  Spin Serve

August 17  * Overhead Smash

August 24 * Drop Shot

August 31 * Half Volley

September 7 * Slice Approach

September 14 * Topspin Backhand

September 21 * Drop volley

September 28  Rally Groundstrokes 

October 5  Volley  Combinations   

October 12  *Drive Approach

October 19  *  Drive Return Of Serve

October 26  Inside Out Backhand   

November 2  Backhand Smash 

November 9 Inside - In Forehand

November 16 Passing Shots