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Junior Tennis Lessons

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Our program is for kids ages 5-11 and will continue to be conducted and formatted specific to the ages and experience of those participating. Our summer class for ages 9-11 is now full and can no longer accept new students. 
This program will be for those juniors (girls or boys ages 12 - 18) ..To qualify, eligible juniors need, at a minimum, to be capable of serving and returning serve at or above a 50% ratio and sustaining a 5 to 6 hit rally from the baseline. Instructor consent required ….
This program is for juniors who rallying consistently from the baseline but may not yet have the refined racket and ball control, use of spin, or pace needed for the intermediate level. 
This class is for juniors who need technical work on one or more shots, or players who are not yet hitting with the consistency, accuracy and pace needed for the Advanced Beginner class.
This program will be for those juniors (girls or boys ages 12 - 18) with previous match play experience that are playing at the Intermediate level. Instructor consent required for entry ….                &...
Our camps are open to juniors who have previous tennis experience, can rally 6-8 times in a row from the baseline, and are playing at an Advanced Beginner level at a minimum.